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Secure Document Storage

We all know how easy it is to lose or misplace documents which are kept at home, especially when you move house. Furthermore, with over 64,000 household fires, 1,000,000 burglaries and 2,000,000 homes at risk from flooding each year, the statistics are against us.

Documents stored at home can be mislaid, damaged, stolen or may simply not be discovered by your relatives when the time comes that they are needed. By placing them in a professional storage facility, you can be sure that they will be recorded and kept safe until needed.

Just Wills & Legal Services’ Customer Care Package

Here at Just Wills & Legal Services we have put a Customer Care Package in place that includes secure storage of your Will and other associated documents. The Customer Care Package costs just £30 a year for Single Wills and £40 for Mirror Wills.

You can keep a record of what we hold, including copies of the documents, together with a covering letter confirming where everything is stored. This means that your loved ones will have a clear indication of where your papers are, should they be needed. You can also specify who can access them and what authority they need to do so.

Normally, a Will could only be retrieved following your death by your named executor who would need to provide a copy of the death certificate together with their identification.

We take confidentiality very seriously and would discuss with you the terms on which any other paperwork, such as a Lasting Power of Attorney, could be released.

We keep clear records of what documentation we hold, meaning that even many years from now, it will be easy to locate everything of importance.

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Free Annual Will Update Service

Our Customer Care Package also includes a free updating service for your Will. It is important to review your Will periodically to ensure that it still accurately expresses your wishes and that details such as addresses and beneficiaries are still current.

We will provide an annual service, free of charge, to make small amendments to your Will, such as inserting new addresses or including new beneficiaries.

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