Will Writing Home Visit

A Will writing home visit can provide you with assistance and support through the entire process, giving you clarity on the future of your hard-earned assets, while consolidating the futures of your loved ones. All without needing to leave your own home.


Can I Make a Legal Will at Home?

It is both possible and fairly simple to make a legal Will at home. While it is relatively straightforward, wherever practical, you should always consult closely with a legal professional. It’s easy to make mistakes when creating a Will — and any errors made in the process that are not spotted prior to death will likely lead to disputes and legal fees.

The most obvious benefit of a home visit Will writing service is the amount of time and money you could save. Without the need to travel to your consultant’s office, you avoid having to pay expenses. Additionally, the service is even more beneficial for anybody that, for any reason, is unlikely to be able to visit their consultant.

Your Last Will and Testament is your opportunity to put into writing who receives what from your estate after your death. With a Will writing home visit, a consultant can come to your residence at a time or date that suits you to discuss your wishes.

A tailored, at-home Will is designed to ensure that your needs and choices are considered after death. Factors that can be considered during the process include:

  • Choice of executor
  • Select your beneficiaries
  • Your funeral wishes
  • Where certain assets go

Whether it’s done at home or in the office, a qualified consultant is able to offer their expert guidance to make sure that your Last Will and Testament accurately reflects your wishes.

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How Our Home Visit Will Writing Service Works

From start to finish, our home visit Will writing service is designed to allow you to create your perfect Will without needing to leave the comfort of your own home. After choosing a time and date that suits you, your consultant will conduct a detailed, in-depth consultation to evaluate your needs. Our expert consultant will then provide advice on what to do with your Will before relaying this information to our head office, where the Will can be constructed.

The process behind our home visit Will writing service is as follows:

Home visit will

Find an Ideal Slot

The benefit of a home visit is that you are able to dictate a time and place that is convenient to you. Our team of expert consultants are available for appointments between 8am-8pm on weekdays (or at weekends upon request).

Additionally, should you wish, you can take advantage of a free no-obligation video or phone call, allowing you to prepare for your consultation.



Once the consultant has arrived at your home, they will begin discussions with you. They will then ask a variety of questions regarding your personal circumstances and your family background. This is done to paint as clear a picture as possible of your situation.

The subjects your consultant may ask about include:

  • The type and value of assets you possess (this can include property, heirlooms, money, and more)
  • Your current family situation — do you have any dependents, siblings, etc?
  • Which of your loved ones would you like to be beneficiaries of your Will?
  • Who would you like to be the executor of your Will? Your executor is the party who will provide your assets to your beneficiaries as per your Will.
  • Do you have any particular funeral wishes?

Will Preparation

Once the consultant is certain of your wishes, they will provide you with advice on what steps they think you should take next, such as a Will, Living Will, Trust, etc. This will be explained to you clearly so you understand exactly what you might be signing up for, to ensure that your wishes are followed to the letter.

Upon this, we will take precise instructions regarding your wishes. These directions will then be relayed to our Head Office, where your Will is to be prepared.


Signing and Execution of Your Will

For your Will to be deemed legally binding it must be signed by, and in the presence of, two independent witnesses. Should you be unable to physically sign your Will, it can also be done with direction on your behalf (with a clause stating your agreement and understanding of the document attached).

Just Wills and Legal Services will contact you upon the completion of your Will in order to make a second appointment for its signing and execution.


Store Your Will

Just as important as making sure that your Will is completed and filled in properly, it’s vital that your Last Will and Testament is stored securely and appropriately. If your Will is lost or damaged, it will likely be declared as invalid. This will leave your estate in the vulnerable position of being distributed according to the rules of intestacy.

There are no strict guidelines in place about where you should store your Will. However, you must be certain that it is somewhere clean, organised, and convenient to access. As you had your Will writing consultation at home, storing it in the same location may seem the most convenient option, but it is common for important documents like this to be misplaced or accidentally destroyed if stored in your home.

It is important that you find a secure location to store your Will, to ensure that it is ready whenever needed. Once you find a location, it is important that you inform your executors so they can access it easily.

At Just Wills and Legal Services we offer a Customer Care Package which includes the option to securely store your Will and associated documents. The yearly cost for the Customer Care Package is just £30 a year for single Wills, or £40 for mirror Wills.

Download our FREE Will Writing Guide

If you’re planning for the future, it’s vital that you consider what will happen not only to your assets, but your loved ones. Preparing your very own last will and testament is vital in ensuring that you are able to leave a lasting legacy for your nearest and dearest. Our FREE downloadable guide is designed to both inform and educate you on both the basics and the intricacies in the process of creating your very own will.

What Are the Three Conditions to Make a Will Valid?

For your Will to be considered valid, there are three conditions it must comply with:

  • It must be in writing, signed by you or somebody acting on your behalf, and witnessed by two other parties.
  • You must be seen to have the required mental capacity
  • The Will must have been made of your own volition, without pressure from outside parties.

To minimise confusion and ensure that your Will is valid, it’s important to remember that you are only able to have one Will. This means that if you have an earlier Will, it must be destroyed upon completion of your latest document.

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The process of writing your Last Will and Testament must be absolutely perfect. From start to finish it is essential that you understand and have considered every small detail. Our range of Will writing services are designed to give you peace of mind — to take the stress out of estate planning.

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    Our Will Writing Services

    The process of writing your Last Will and Testament must be absolutely perfect. From start to finish it is essential that you understand and have considered every small detail. Our range of Will writing services are designed to give you peace of mind — to take the stress out of estate planning.

    Last Will and Testament

    Including DIY online Wills, video call Wills, and a Will review service, we have several options to consider if you’re considering getting your affairs in order.

    Creating Living Wills

    Create a Living Will and get peace of mind that, no matter what happens, your wishes and affairs are clear and in order. We’re here to make sure your exact demands are met.

    Choosing an Executor

    Selecting the right executor is a key part of creating a Will. Find out more about the role of an executor, and what we can do to help ensure you pick the most suitable party.

    Secure Document Storage

    Keep your Will safe and secure with our document storage service. Our Customer Care Package starts at only £30 a year. Find out more today.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I Keep My Will At Home?

    There are no rules in place about where you must keep your Will. This means that yes, you can keep your Will at home. However, keeping such an important document in your house can easily lead to it being lost, damaged, or discarded. A document storage service will guarantee that your Will is safe and ready for when it’s needed.

    Is a Will Written at Home Legal?

    The location in which your Will is created has absolutely no bearing on its legality and eventual standing. Therefore, you can create your Last Will and Testament absolutely anywhere. However, to avoid possible errors, it is recommended that you always contact an expert to assist in the process.

    Does it Cost Money to Write a Will?

    The cost of writing a Will is likely to depend on a number of factors, including how you intend to write it, if it is a mirror Will or an original document, and if it is written by a specialist Will writing service or completed yourself.

    Our services prices begin at £47.50 for a DIY Will online, and our Will writing home visit service typically costs £132.