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Funeral plans

Putting funeral plans in place for when the time comes can be a great comfort to your relatives as well as relieving them of what can be a burden at a very difficult time. Arranging in advance what you would like to happen also gives you the opportunity to fix and pay any associated costs.

how to make advance funeral plans

How to make advance funeral plans

When someone dies it is always very hard for those left behind. As well as grieving and spending time with loved ones, there is pressure to think about a funeral and try and decide what the deceased would have wanted.

By planning in advance, you can help your family avoid the worry and expense of arranging a funeral and they have the peace of mind of knowing that everything will be in accordance with your wishes. It can also help avoid disagreements at an emotional time.

To make advance plans, you should think about what you would like to happen. There are a number of types of service you can have and you should consider what you think would be best for your loved ones. You will also need to decide whether it will be a burial or cremation and, if necessary, choose a final resting place.

Pre-paid funeral plan

A pre-paid funeral plan relieves those left behind of the burden of paying for a funeral. It will usually cover items such as the funeral director’s fees, care of the body, vehicles, casket and the service.

Other items, such as catering, flowers and a burial plot are not usually included, but you can still leave a letter expressing your wishes in respect of these.

As funerals continue to become more expensive, with crematoria pushing up their costs and funeral directors dealing with increasing overheads, paying in advance can save your estate a considerable amount of money, as the cost is fixed and once it has been paid the company is bound to provide the funeral as agreed when the time comes.

However, you should take care to use a reputable firm to ensure that there are no problems for your family in the future.

At Just Wills and Legal Services we offer a Funeral Plan from a reputable company that guarantees the funeral costs will be covered.

who is responsible for arranging a funeral

Who is responsible for arranging a funeral?

A funeral is usually arranged by agreement by close family members of the deceased. They are entitled to claim payment for the expenses of this from the estate, once funds are available.

Legally speaking it is the deceased’s executors, appointed under the terms of their Will, who have the power to make funeral arrangements or, if there is no Will, the administrators of the deceased’s estate.

A pre-arranged funeral plan can avoid any confusion or conflict. It is important to ensure that your loved ones know about the existence of the plan and you can even discuss the contents with them so that they know what to expect and the reasons behind the decisions you have made.

making a will

Making a Will

When looking ahead to the future, it is also always advisable to make sure you have a valid Will in place. This will ensure that your estate passes to those whom you wish to benefit from it. If you do not leave a Will, then your loved ones may miss out. Making a Will also enables you to make plans to minimise any Inheritance Tax that may be payable by structuring your estate in the most tax efficient way possible. Leaving a Will can minimise disagreements between family members, as everyone can clearly see what your wishes were.

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Arranging a funeral plan

Once you have put a funeral plan in place, you have the peace of mind of knowing that the difficult decisions have been made and that your loved ones will not have the stress of trying to decide what your wishes would have been.

It is also a cost-effective measure, meaning that your estate will not be affected by any rise in funeral and related expenses. To speak to us about our recommended Funeral Plan provider please contact us.

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