Why Planning Your Funeral is a Happy Event

Unless we’re lost at sea or swept up in a tornado, our own funerPlanning your funeralal is the one lifetime event we can be almost certain to attend (even if we don’t get to appreciate it). Yet it’s also the one event that most of us will fail to plan for.

Even in spite of the heartache, stress and massive cost that many of us have already faced when planning the funeral of a loved one who has died, it never occurs to many people that they could save their own loved ones from similar distress by planning their own funeral in advance.

Practical Considerations:

With the current cost of a funeral averaging over £3,500 (and even a ‘basic’ option – cremation, no service, no headstone – setting your family back at least £1000), many people are falling into debt to provide the funeral that they feel best shows their love and respect.

Even if you expect your savings to cover the cost of your funeral, delays caused by the probate process may mean your family have to pay for the funeral long before they receive any inheritance.

With mounting bills adding to the grief at losing a dear family member or friend, no wonder the death of a spouse ranks as the most stressful life experience there is (with death of a family member following close behind).

So when you’re planning the legacy that you would like to leave to your family and friends, consider leaving them relief from the stress of planning and paying for your funeral. It’s one way that you can make your loved ones feel cared for, even after you are gone.

With a prepaid funeral plan in place, you can even pay for your funeral at current prices and ensure that inflation and price hikes don’t affect your family, no matter how far into the future the plan is needed.

Planning the Funeral that’s Right for You

As well as planning for the costs and practicalities of your funeral, this is also an opportunity to think about how you’d like to be remembered. Many people never think to tell their nearest and dearest what they’d want for their funeral. Will they hold a traditional ceremony, when you’d rather be buried in a bluebell wood?

Have you let them know if you’d like to be buried at all, or cremated, or even leave your body to medical science?

Some people choose to be launched into space, or condensed into diamonds. Some want a cheerful funeral with no black clothing. But without a plan in place, will your wishes be known, respected or even legally possible?

Even if your funeral ideas do tend towards the traditional, you may want to select hymns and readings that have special significance for you and your family.

Rather than not wanting to think ahead to when you die, think of what you would want if you had died yesterday. Do you picture your family and friends grieving peacefully, at a memorial of your planning; or torn apart by stress and arguments over money?

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