Choosing the right executor

Choosing the right Executor for your Will: Factors to consider

Creating a comprehensive and legally binding Will is a crucial step in ensuring that your assets are distributed according to your wishes after your passing. Without a legally valid Will, your assets pass in accordance with the Laws of Intestacy. Alongside this important task, appointing the right executor to carry out your wishes is equally vital. An executor plays a central role in the administration of your estate, and choosing the appropriate individual(s) requires careful consideration. In this blog post, we will explore various factors to consider when selecting an executor.


What is an Executor?

  • An executor or executors is an individual or multiple people appointed by you in your Will to oversee the administration of your estate after your demise. They are entrusted with the responsibility of carrying out your wishes, including the distribution of assets, payment of debts, and handling legal matters associated with your estate in accordance with your Will.

How Many Executors Do You Need?

  • You have the freedom to appoint one or more executors to handle your estate. While it is common to choose a single executor, having multiple executors can provide additional checks and balances. It’s possible to appoint up to 4 executors who can take on responsibility for administering your Will. When thinking about this, consider appointing individuals who work well together and possess complementary skills to ensure a smooth administration process. Ensure you choose people who are close to one another and preferably in the same country as you.

Can You Appoint a Professional as an Executor?

  • Absolutely. It is possible to appoint a professional, such as Just Wills and Legal Services as your executor. Our expertise can be particularly valuable if your estate is complex or if you anticipate potential disputes with loved ones. Professional executors have experience in managing legal and financial matters, ensuring that your wishes are fulfilled with precision. We take responsibility to ensure things are done promptly and because of our vast experience, we have experience with the complex formalities of the estate administration process.

The Role of an Executor:

The role of an executor involves various responsibilities and duties, including but not limited to:

  • Identifying and valuing assets and liabilities of the estate.
  • Paying any outstanding debts, taxes, and funeral expenses. These are also sometimes called testamentary expenses.
  • Distributing assets as outlined in your Will.
  • Handling any legal procedures and paperwork associated with the estate administration such as tax forms.
  • Communicating with beneficiaries or charities and addressing any concerns or disputes that may arise.


What is an Executor Expected to Do?

  • Executors are expected to act with diligence, honesty, and in accordance with the law. Their primary duty is to carry out your wishes as outlined in your Will. They should keep meticulous records of all transactions and maintain transparency throughout the administration process. Executors must also ensure that they act impartially, treating all beneficiaries fairly and without bias. This is often difficult with family disputes, when the estate is complicated or when multiple parties are involved.

What Happens if the Appointed Executor has Died?

  • If the person you have appointed as your executor passes away before you, it is crucial to review and update your Will accordingly. Without a designated executor, the responsibility of administering your estate may fall to the court-appointed administrator or that a beneficiary (typically the one who is receiving the largest share) would apply for the grant.

Can I Change My Executor, and How Do I Do It?

  • Yes, you have the right to change your executor at any time. To do so, you must update your Will by creating a new document or using a codicil, which is a separate legal instrument that modifies your existing Will. Often it’s easier to simply make a new Will. We’re always happy to support with ensuring that your Will is up to date and reflects your current wishes. Ensure that the changes are properly executed and witnessed to be legally binding.

Legal and Fiduciary Duties of Executors:

Executors have legal obligations and fiduciary duties, which include:

  • Acting in the best interests of the beneficiaries.
  • Handling finances responsibly and avoiding conflicts of interest.
  • Keeping accurate records of financial transactions and distributions.
  • Complying with tax regulations and submitting necessary tax returns.
  • Ensuring proper communication and transparency with beneficiaries.


Choosing the right executor or executors is crucial when creating your Will. Often, when someone dear passes away we’re consumed by grief and this can impact on our ability to deal with even the simplest of tasks. When you throw in probate matters it can be overwhelming. By considering factors such as their reliability, competence, and availability, you can ensure that your estate is handled appropriately after your passing. We can talk you through all of the merits of estate planning and choosing the right people to administer your estate.


Whether you select a family member, friend, or a professional executor, it is essential to discuss your intentions with them and seek legal advice to ensure compliance with English and Welsh law. Remember, appointing the right executor is an important step towards providing peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones. Should you have any questions you can contact us on: 01342 477102.

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